Associate Pastors
Pastor Joai Broughton, Pastor Rebecca Simmons, & Elder Christal Thompson-Collier

Deacons:  Clarence Anderson, Duane Colson, Thalia. Sherill & Andre Sherill

Alfonzo Broughton

New Members Orientation
Phyllis Wright

Intercessory Ministry (Prayers of Faith)
Charlene Davis-Lyons (Chief Intercessor)

Men's Ministry & Young Men's Ministry
Andre Sherrill

Womens Ministry
Joai Broughton

Usher's Ministry
Thalia Thomas

Not Easily Broken Marriage Ministry
Clarence & Kathy Anderson

Music Department
Jacorey Broughton

Youth Ministry 
Joai Broughton

Sound & Media Ministry
 Chanita Parsley

Transportation Ministry
 Tee Wimbley

Armour-Bearers Ministry (Male)
Rafeal Davis

Armour-Bearers Ministry (Female)

Spirit of Faith Dancers
Katyana Louisnis

Bread of Life Drama Ministry
Charlene Davis-Lyons

Sanctuary Choir
Chanita Parsley

Destiny Praise Team
Joai Broughton